Environmental Benefits

BSL’s technology completely replaces the need for sintering and induration processes which are very energy intensive and account for approximately 15% of carbon emissions from the global steel industry¹. Sintering and induration are also responsible for a large proportion of the particulate emissions from steel production as well as significant amounts of other pollutants. The outcome is a dramatic impact on emissions and energy usage compared to current sintering and induration processes.

Our technology enables reductions of:

  • up to 80% in energy usage
  • up to 70% in carbon dioxide (CO2 e) emissions
  • up to 100% in sulphur oxides (SOx)
  • up to 99% in nitrogen oxide (NOx)

Annual emissions from the steel industry are estimated as equivalent to 2.6bn metric tonnes per annum (Worldsteel), so BSL’s technology could prevent the emission of up to 390 million tonnes of carbon per annum. This is equivalent to the total annual emissions of South Africa or approximately 1% of global emissions every year.

[1] Wood Mackenzie

Resource Efficiency

Mining and metals production produce large quantities of fine materials that are generally left in dumps at mines or processing facilities. The World Steel Association estimates that 400kg of by-products are generated per tonne of steel produced in a blast furnace and 200kg from EAFs¹.

We work with companies who beneficiate these recycled materials to produce a pellet from the beneficiated material.

[1] worldsteel


Our technology has the potential to make a significant contribution to the decarbonisation of the steel industry, whilst also providing a sustainable solution for the economic management of new and historic waste materials. We recognise the importance of operating responsibly to maximise the benefits of our technology and are committed to working to the highest possible standards. We are developing a comprehensive sustainability framework and policies which reflect our rapidly growing status and align with best industry practice.

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