Our Technology

We have developed an environmentally sustainable, patented process for converting primary iron ore into high value pellet products with a low environmental footprint. We have commercially proven our technology at a major steel plant in the UK where it has operated since 2013.

Our technology is highly attractive to the global metals industry, and we have an expanding pipeline of projects, with some of the world’s biggest iron and steel producers.

We are also developing a new product for electric arc furnaces (EAF) which has the potential to circumvent high energy induration and direct reduced iron plants that are central to many green steel technologies.

Binding Solution Process Comparison Diagram

How it works

We take fine materials produced at mines and agglomerate them into pellets that can be handled by established production equipment. Our patented process uses minimal heat and very limited energy compared to traditional methods (sintering and induration) to produce high quality agglomerated products. We do this by using a patented process to find the optimal way to agglomerate fine materials together.

At the end of the process monetisable products are created in the form of a Cold Agglomerated Pellet (CAP) that meets industry specifications (ISO) and are ready for use in a furnace.

BSL’s technology has a very large addressable market of more than 1 billion tonnes. We are focussed on working with the steel industry, as it accounts for approximately 9% of Global GHG emissions, although BSL’s technology can be applied to many other metals and minerals.

Operating benefits

Our technology has a number of significant operating advantages.

We use low amounts of energy unlike traditional induration and sintering processes which heat primary materials to over 1,200°C.  As a result, BSL’s CAP technology can deliver material cost savings and significant emissions reductions when compared to traditional methods for creating pellets, such as sintering and induration which require the construction of large, energy consuming facilities.

The low-cost and modular nature of our process means our technology also delivers reductions in capital investment costs of up to 86% per 1 Mtpa of production when compared to traditional induration processes.

Our Markets

Our proprietary technology has been applied to newly mined primary materials, as well as iron containing ores arising from beneficiated sides streams and furnace operations. We are also developing an innovative pellet for EAF furnaces that could be used to enable zero carbon steel technology.

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