Binding Solutions Publishes Technical Paper

London: Binding Solutions Limited (“BSL” or the “Company”) is pleased to announce the publication of a technical research paper titled, “Reduction characteristics of cold-agglomerated pellets in blast furnace conditions.” 

The research paper highlights how BSL’s patented, cold agglomeration technology can play a significant part in reducing CO2 emissions in the iron and steelmaking industries.

The paper was published in the industry journal, Ironmaking & Steelmaking: Processes, Products and Applications and was written by a cross-departmental BSL team comprising of Richard Joyce – Head of Research and Development, Dr. Matthew Bennett Ph.D – Principal Research Scientist, Kelly Kirton – Senior Systems Manager and Daniel Larkman – Senior Scientist. 

The research compared empirical test data for BSL products versus existing industry technology, and the findings validated BSL’s patented technology.

The data also demonstrated that BSL’s technology is compatible with both hematite and magnetite iron ores. In addition, the research found that performance characteristics could exceed existing technology in terms of metallurgical performance and ironmaking production times.

Copies of the research paper are available on request.

Richard Joyce, Head of Research and Development at BSL commented:

“The research clearly shows the benefits of BSL’s cold agglomeration technology and the expertise of our technical team. I’d like to thank my colleagues who played a major role in this research. 

“I am convinced that our cold agglomeration technology can play a major role in helping the steelmaking industry decarbonise. We are continually validating our technology in green steelmaking technologies, such as hydrogen reduction and carbon capture.



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Notes to editors: 

Binding Solutions is a fast-growing technology company that has developed a patented process for significantly reducing carbon emissions from steel production. Our cold agglomeration technology also helps steel producers to add value, reduce capital and operating costs as well as cut emissions of NOx and Sox. 

BSL’s technology has a very large addressable market of more than 1 billion tonnes. 

We have commercially proven our technology at a major steel plant in the UK where it has operated since 2013. Our technology enables reductions of:

  • Approximately 70% in energy usage
  • Approximately 70% in carbon dioxide (COe) emissions
  • up to 100% in sulphur oxides (Sox)
  • up to 99% in nitrogen oxide (NOx)

In August 2023, BSL successfully completed a US$17.5m fundraise from Mineral Resources Limited to support the development of a Demonstration Plant. In November 2023, BSL completed the commissioning, performance testing and hand over of the first phase of its new Pilot Plant.

Our technology has the potential to replace the need for sintering and induration processes which are very energy intensive and account for approximately 15% of carbon emissions from the global steel industry¹. Annual emissions from the steel industry are estimated as equivalent to 2.6bn metric tonnes per annum (Worldsteel), so BSL’s technology could prevent the emission of up to 390 million tonnes of carbon per annum. This is equivalent to the total annual emissions of South Africa or approximately 1% of global emissions every year.

¹ Wood Mackenzie

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