Binding Solutions Commissions First Phase of Green Steel Tech PlantTees Valley Mayor Commemorates Initial Handover at Middlesbrough Facility


  • First phase of first BSL’s groundbreaking new Pilot Plant at its Middlesbrough laboratory and research facility now commissioned.
  • Pilot Plant will enable BSL to carry out large scale product testing of its low carbon steel technology.
  • Tees Valley Mayor Ben Houchen marks occasion by officially inaugurating the first phase of the plant.

Middlesbrough/London: Binding Solutions Limited (“BSL” or the “Company”) the UK-based developer of emission-reducing solutions for the steel industry is pleased to announce the commissioning, performance testing and hand over of the first phase of its new Pilot Plant located at its laboratory research facility in Middlesbrough, UK. 

The occasion of the initial commissioning was marked by Tees Valley Mayor Ben Houchen who toured the facility, met with BSL technicians, and officially inaugurated the plant.

The Pilot Plant was built and designed in co-operation with Keats Site Services Limited and is expected to be fully operational in the first quarter of 2024.

The Pilot Plant will enable BSL to ramp up large scale product testing of its unique Cold Agglomerated Pellet manufacturing process for its growing international client base and further develop its proprietary low carbon technology to serve the iron ore and steel manufacturing sectors. The Pilot Plant will use BSL’s patented technology to produce up to 2 tonnes of cold agglomerated pellets per hour for leading players in the global steel and iron ore industries. 

BSL’s patented process uses minimal heat and energy to produce high quality iron ore pellets for s steel producers, which can be transformed into primary steel products. BSL’s technology reduces both energy usage and CO2 emissions by approximately 70%, compared to traditional indurated pelletising processes used to create the raw materials required by steel works, while also virtually eliminating SOx and NOx emissions. At the same time, BSL’s technology enables reductions in capital investment costs of approximately 86% per 1 Mtpa of production. 

Since 2021 BSL has more than doubled its total workforce to 35 employees, creating highly-skilled new jobs for the local area.

Julian Lee, CEO of Binding Solutions said:

“This is an important milestone in delivering our Pilot Plant here in Middlesbrough.

“Our low-carbon technology has the potential to replace and decarbonise a very energy intensive part of the steel making process and the Pilot Plant will take us a major step closer to rolling out our solution for the global steel sector. We are delighted Ben Houchen helped us to mark this occasion and are looking forward to ramping up work on the plant and bringing it into full operation early next year.” 

Tees Valley Mayor Ben Houchen said:

“It’s a mark of extreme pride that BSL, a business based here in Middlesbrough is not only leading the way in developing technology to decarbonise the steel industry but is also taking that technology global to become an international player in the sector. This project shows the breadth of innovation, talent and entrepreneurship we have here in Teesside, and it was a pleasure to officially inaugurate the first stage of this groundbreaking facility.”



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Notes to editors: 

Binding Solutions is a fast-growing technology company that has developed a patented process for significantly reducing carbon emissions from steel production. Our cold agglomeration technology also helps steel producers to add value, reduce capital and operating costs as well as cut emissions of NOx and SOx. 

BSL’s technology has a very large addressable market of more than 1 billion tonnes. In August, BSL successfully completed a US$17.5m Fundraise from Mineral Resources Limited to support the development of a Demonstration Plant. 

We have commercially proven our technology at a major steel plant in the UK where it has operated since 2013. Our technology enables reductions of:

  • Approximately 70% in energy usage
  • Approximately 70% in carbon dioxide (COe) emissions
  • up to 100% in sulphur oxides (SOx)
  • up to 99% in nitrogen oxide (NOx)

Our technology has the potential to replace the need for sintering and induration processes which are very energy intensive and account for approximately 15% of carbon emissions from the global steel industry¹. Annual emissions from the steel industry are estimated as equivalent to 2.6bn metric tonnes per annum (Worldsteel), so BSL’s technology could prevent the emission of up to 390 million tonnes of carbon per annum. This is equivalent to the total annual emissions of South Africa or approximately 1% of global emissions every year.

¹ Wood Mackenzie

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